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Lying in the Gutter... I cut the chord from my mother...

Dean Morman is a legend in the NZ Music industry. An extremely talented lighting operator he has worked with many New Zealand bands.

It was a real joy to World Tour at Deans fabulous bromiliad garden and an unexpected surprise when John Kempt strolled in (he was down this way to attend a wedding).

This is a completely unrehearsed cover version of a much loved Dave McCartney classic - with a few scenes borrowed from night before...

Guests Simon Elton on bass and Shirley Rider sat in on BV's.

Pete Warren banged flower pots.

Recorded and filmed on a Chinese knock off copy of a Samsung Cell phone, there is a slight phasing but that don't bother me none.

Dean shares stories of Shihad Led Zep Smashing Pumpkins...

Thanks heaps to the all the folk who came. It was a wonderful days night.

We all Love yer work Dean Morman.