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Girlfriend Too. 

A true Story and it played out exactly as the lyrics describe. 

She was a knock out, I thought I was gonna get lucky....

I painted the words of the song on a 3 x 2 ft piece of ply wood to green screen a backdrop and borrowed a friends treadmill to goof about on like a dumb ass. 

Got a bit stumped as to what to do during the guitar solo so I asked my dear friend Mark Bell ( who played the solo) to appear in the vid. 

He bought his son Rory along so it seemed fitting to strap a gat on him and chuck him in it too. He is an outstanding 11 year old , a natural performer if ever there was ... 

This track is off the album " Andrew McLennan - Telling Tales"  
Its a 17 song body of original new work and it is available in all the usual places. 

Produced and camera'd by Kevin Findlater Huge Music.